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Shanghai Music FestivalEveryone has a daily blog, so I thought why not get on the band wagon  and create another daily blog.  Not sure what the topics of my post will be, so stay tuned for more to come.

Yesterday, I signed up for the Shanghai Half Marathon.  Judging by my first training run this past  Friday, I know I have an up hill battle to get anywhere near the times that I have gotten in the pasts.  I do not plan to get anywhere near my old times, but the race will force me to  stay in decent shape.

Later in the day, I went to the Shanghai JZ Music Festival in Century Park.  The festival had a great layout with three stages(Jazz, Rock, and Electronic) and an interesting line up considering the festival is just getting on its feet.  More importantly, I realized Century Park is awesome and I have been missing out for the past 11 months by never visiting it.  Century Park is basically Shanghai’s version on Central Park, except not in a central location.  It’s a perfect place to hangout the few decent days of great weather as well as an ideal place for training runs on the weekends(if I can get myself to make the 30 minute subway journey).

.View from Century ParkView from the Rock Stage

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